Absolut X Pool Party at Blue Parrot Bangkok

Blue Parrot has been around for a while. Since April of 2017 it seems but we didn't hear about it till much later. Strangely enough because it is owned by and a neighbor of Revolucion [...]

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Bangkok Bloggers Unite at TAT Blogger Campaign

One of the things we love about travel blogging - other than writing and traveling - is being part of a community. A community of people who love to travel, other bloggers and of course [...]

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The Bar Awards Weekend

Being a blogger definitely had its perks and it's not the free stays and complimentary drinks. OK, no that's a lie, those are some of the awesome perks but what we really enjoy is being [...]

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Bangkok Bloggers Dinner at Amaya Food Gallery

Among many things, we love a good hotel restaurant buffet and it just so happened that we found one of the best in town. Having been opened for a few months since the launch event, [...]

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Launch of Amaya Food Gallery

Last night we attended the launch of Amaya Food Gallery, the latest in the F&B dining experience at the Amari Watergate Hotel in Bangkok. Amaya Bangkok food gallery is certainly one for the senses where [...]

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Pre-event synopsis: Lush Music Festival

It seems that the Thailand music scene is getting better each year. We couldn't be happier about this. We recently went to Pattaya for Warp Festival and are extremely excited for Paradise Island Festival in Koh [...]

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