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12 Instagram Worthy Spots in Mykonos Town

Mykonos has a lot to offer. From gorgeous beaches lined with Ibiza-like parties to adventures around the island to relaxing at luxury hotels. However, what we were most looking forward to on our trip was [...]

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Planning our first Euro Trip

We're finally going to Europe. The visa is issued and we could not be more grateful, excited and giddy. Although part of the planning had gone into creating an itinerary in order to get the [...]

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17 places to visit in Thailand in 2017

Thailand is a beautiful country. There is no doubt about that. We've lived here all our life and it still amazes us with its culture, people and of course the food. We even find new [...]

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Idyllic Birthday at Sri Panwa Phuket

For years, Kanika and I have had a dream. You could also call it a bucket list. Through the eyes of so many famous bloggers and celebrities, we have seen and heard about Sri Panwa [...]

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I never fly when I travel

Alex Duffner, a friend from Bangkok is designer, photographer and blogger who travels the world without ever flying. "I never fly when I travel" he reiterates. For most it would be because they want to save money while [...]

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The best ways to get around Thailand on your Gap Year

Gap years are an amazing experience. You have the opportunity to travel the world, absorb the fantastic cultures and try things you’ll probably never do again. But for many gap year travelers, there are a [...]

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Bangkok Rooftop Exploration Guide

As an avid urban explorer, one of my favorite things to do (or try to) is go on rooftops in Bangkok. Not only do they have stunning views of the city but I simply love the thrill [...]

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How to have an unforgettable Destination Wedding in Thailand

Coming from an Indian + Pakistani family, we go to a lot of weddings. In some cultures, weddings are intimate and small but NOT in ours. We invite friends, family and anyone who is remotely [...]

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