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Staying healthy with oBike

I commute to work everyday. It's a 45-60 minute journey each way, sometimes even longer depending on traffic. When I get to my work, which is at the Asian Institute of Technology, I usually have [...]

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3 ways to use Instagram Stories

Over the past few months, Instagram has made quite a few changes and additions to its features. There's Instagram stories. Then they rolled out the ability to upload several photos at once. Now you are [...]

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5 Must-have apps to have unique experiences in Asia

Asia is a beautiful continent, filled with rich cultures and extraordinary history. People from the other side of the world love to visit Asia for this and much more including food, people, weather and other [...]

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We’re your Your Local Cousin in Bangkok

We love working with brands, especially those that resonate with us. Brands that are committed to making travel more fun, interesting and meaningful. So we are proud and excited to announce our partnership with Your [...]

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GPSmyCity – Self guided travel articles apps

Online travel articles and city guides are a great way to learn about a destination before you visit it. They let us know what to expect, what to do and how to plan a trip. [...]

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Pokemon Go Guide for Travel and Exploring

Pokemon Go might just be a game but it is so much more than that if you really think about it. It's a traveler and explorer's latest best friend. While capturing that rarest Pokemon might be the [...]

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